How was Australia?

‘How was Australia?’ it’s a simple question that I have been asked countless times since returning home. Usually this has been asked by someone in quick passing and with all questions such as this it is typically answered in one or a few words. I usually say, ‘Awesome! Amazing!’ or ‘So fun!’ but the truth is that these words don’t even come close to describing the experience that I had in Australia.


Since returning home I’ve realized that a few words can’t successfully summarize the time that I have spent exploring the world and developing as a person.


It sounds really corny and cliché to say but I really do feel like studying abroad in Australia this semester helped me to grow as a person. Even though I am technically “an adult” I feel that up until this point in my life I have largely relied on my parents and other people to help me make decisions and to figure things out. Not only that but I have never been in a situation before where I truly didn’t know anyone and I had to make all new friends.


I am really proud of myself for taking this adventure head-on despite my fears and doubts. Over the course of this semester, there were a lot of situations where I had to rely on myself and that was terrifying because I had no idea what was going on. I am someone who is scared of change and of becoming an adult but I think that I have found a sort of strange peace in realizing that being an adult doesn’t necessarily mean that you have all the answers. I feel like there are some things you know, some things you learn and some things you have to make up as you go along.

Nicole Prestemon 0158

All in all, I truly wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. I don’t think I necessarily “found myself” but I feel like everyday I am changing more and more into the kind of person that I want to be and that is very exciting. I think that I got what I signed up for and then some, it definitely was the adventure of a lifetime.




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