During my last week here in Australia, I decided to travel south to the city of Melbourne for one last adventure. I had heard good things about Melbourne as a city but I mostly wanted to visit there to see the Great Ocean Road and most importantly the 12 Apostles. Due to friends either going home or having other travel plans, I went on this trip alone. Going on a trip alone probably would have scared me a few months ago but now it just means that I need to have more of a set plan, mostly because I don’t have a working phone.

I could have done a one day tour of the Great Ocean Road but since I was traveling alone, I thought I would look for a longer tour so that I could explore more with a group of people. I settled on a three day tour of the Great Ocean Road and the Grampians which is a National Park and had a great time.

The Great Ocean Road is known as one of the most beautiful coastal drives in the world and I thought it was incredible!


I finally got to see (and take selfies with) the 12 Apostles,



visited the London Arch (or London Bridge),


wandered to “the Grotto,”


and made some unexpected stops as well including seeing wild koalas,


looking at some beautiful Australian birds


and having an uncomfortable lunch date with a seagull.


The next two days of exploring the Grampians was really fun too. On the morning of our second day, we went for a walk up to a lookout point and saw a wild wallaby family! It was so precious to see in real life!



There’s no denying that the Great Ocean Road views were amazing but the Grampians were gorgeous as well in a very different way.


Once I was there, I was really happy that I had made the effort to visit both and not just done a shorter tour of the Great Ocean Road. The Grampians of course involved quite a bit of walking or ‘hiking’ but as with anything like that, the view at the end makes it worthwhile.


There were even a few hidden gems including a beautiful waterfall!



After my tour was done, I did have a little bit of time to explore Melbourne on my own. My main goal was to visit Brighton Beach which has the Brighton Bathing Boxes.


These colorful wooden structures were built over a century ago based upon ideas of morality and seaside bathing. Today these 82 bathing boxes still line the foreshore of Brighton Beach and are an interesting sight and obviously a tourist attraction.




Melbourne was the last major thing on my list of places that I wanted to go in Australia so I am really glad that I made it there. The sightseeing on this trip met my expectations and even positively surprised me in some ways. I’m so thankful to have visited Melbourne and hey, I made it to four out of six states in Australia this semester, so I would say good on me.


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